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American Aberdeen & American Savanna Breeding Stock


Our Start


We acquired 240 acres in the Texas Hill Country. A part of Texas known for its beauty and big ranches. On the flip side, the area is also known for extended drought, lots of cedar, and very rocky soils.

Owning a ranch and raising livestock have always been a dream and passion of mine. So, eager to find a way to help offset the ranch costs, I started my next adventure of finding that perfect breed. Managing stocking capacities in the Texas Hill Country can be a bit tricky, given its less than desirable grass making conditions. Therefore, efficiency would carry a lot of weight in my choice of livestock.

With a heavy focus on efficiency in my research led me to Lowlines, later rebranded as “American Aberdeen”. The more I researched the more I liked this unique breed of cattle. 4 Years and 40 head later, I learned these American Aberdeen are everything I read and more. Efficient on the ranch and easy on the rancher. Not having a lot of help, raising and working this breed has been a true delight.

Our Ranch Conservation Plan

We manage for constant drought with efficient Aberdeen cattle, controlled burns, and rotational grazing.


Some of our greatest ranch lands are threatened by drought, over grazing and invasive brush, which in return leads to soil erosion. With American Aberdeen cattle we aim to protect and prevent these disasters.


More Info

Find out about our ranch, mission, our grazing methods, and the results of our adoption of American Aberdeen cattle.


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Ready to take the next step? You can become a ranch conservationist through efficient grazing with American Aberdeen cattle yourself.


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